An essential part of the selection process, Reality Check provides the hiring managers with qualified, behavioural competency based references to assist in the final decision. I feel confident that my hiring managers are making the right selection of employee with qualified evidence. Along with a dedicated account management approach throughout the process, Reality Check is an integral part of our hiring process.
Talent and Acquisition Manager – FMCG

For the past 5 years I have used the services of Reality Check to confirm employment and educational details of candidates our business is considering to employ. I now will not let any line manager offer a contract of employment without this independent verification. It has saved our group from a wrong hiring decision on more than one occasion!
Human Resource Manager - Warehousing & Distribution.

Reality Check are very thorough and great value for money. I don’t employ a single person without running them past Reality Check first. People are business, so recruiting the right people is essential. Reality Check is an important part of our process in selecting the right people. Employment agents do reference checks, but they have an inherent conflict of interest. We use Reality Check as a truly independent reference check in this process.
Managing Director – Commercial Contractor.

Reality Check are an integral part of our attraction strategy, all prospective employees are introduced to Reality Check at telephone screening - the benefits to the individual, a non-biased report that is more through in detailing their strengths & achievements. The benefit to us is a comprehensive report that supports our selection process and is a critical tool in making the right hiring decision - and the service; candor & integrity of the team make it pleasure doing business together.
National Human Resources Manager – Pharmaceutical

We have utilised the services of Reality Check in undertaking pre-employment background checks for a number of years. The service provided is professional, timely and of a high quality. Importantly, the background checks undertaken are tailored to the specific position which ensures the information that is obtained is a key element to the employment decision making process.
Recruitment Manager – Energy Sector

Reality Check is the perfect addition and solution for our recruitment needs. With great enthusiasm for their work, Reality Check provide high quality professional service. Reality Check helps our busy manufacturing site with the final part in our decision making for new hires. They conduct thorough reference, criminal and right to work cheeks and also added services such as employment and educational qualification checks. The turnaround for requests is fantastic. Within 24-48 hours we receive outcomes. This saves us valuable time and money. The consultants at Reality Check provide a personal service with consistent communication throughout the entire process. Reality Check has an exact understanding and feel of the business. Almost immediately, the Reality Check Team developed a strong relationship with our Company and a demonstrated strong interest in our success. I would highly recommend any Company, whose people are the number one priority to utilise the services of Reality Check.
Human Resource Manager – Manufacturing