Pre-Employment Checks

Some background about pre-employment checks

Pre-employment screening is the process of verifying the credentials, identity and integrity of a person who is or could be entrusted with a companyís resources and/or assets. Put simply, it is the process to make sure that an individual hasnít made false or misleading statements in their application for employment.

Pre-employment screening involves more than two simple discussions with referees nominated by the applicant. It also includes investigation of credit, bankruptcy and driving records; criminal record checks; professional memberships; educational qualifications; directorships and significant shareholdings and media searches; employment history; and information provided by specific professional (previous line managers) and personal referees.


  • About 25% of applicants either massage the truth or lie outright in their CVs.
  • 16% of candidates admit to lying on their resumes to secure a new position.
  • Our own checks reveal discrepancies in about 30 percent of the CVs we investigate.
  • Hiring the wrong person can cost businesses between 30 per cent and 200 per cent of the annual salary of that role.
  • Employment screening is an effective first step in safeguarding an organisation from fraud, corruption and costly bad hires as a personís history can be a good indicator of their future behaviour.

Relying on information that hasnít been expertly verified could mean you are giving individuals with questionable backgrounds the opportunity to join your team at the expense of genuine quality candidates. The reality is your companyís reputation is at risk every time you make a new hire.

Smart business decisions are made after careful research and risk assessment. So why donít decisions regarding our most important resource, our people, always follow the same meticulous evaluation process?

Our pre-employment checking services

Our services are customised and designed to meet your business requirements and the seniority of the candidates under consideration.

A pre-employment check can vary according to the nature of the position or its seniority, where different questions need to be asked and additional investigation may be required. This is a discussion we always have upfront to make sure the investigation meets your exact needs.

Our service offering includes employment history verification, employment references, educational qualifications, professional qualifications and memberships, driving license check, criminal record check, credit and bankruptcy check, entitlement to work, management and directorship disqualification and bans check, directorships and significant shareholdings and media search.

For as little as $390 ex GST (volume discounts apply) we provide you with two customised reference checks, a criminal record check, assurance of the candidateís right to work, educational qualifications and a five-year employment history check within three working days.

Benefits of working with Reality Check

  • Our reference checks are customised for the position the candidate is being considered (not taken from a template). We address the key competencies and responsibilities of each specific role with respect to the candidate so that you can make a well informed decision about capability and cultural fit with your organisation.
  • Reality Check provides an unbiased factual assessment of the application giving organisations confidence about the independence and thoroughness of their pre-employment checks. We have nothing to gain from your hiring decision.

We look forward to hearing from you about your pre-employment screening requirements.